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Club Officers

Officers of the Club

Rear Commodore - SailingPaul
Rear Commodore - HouseStephen
Honorary TreasurerMartyn
Honorary SecretaryGraham
Honorary Membership SecretaryAnne
Honorary Sailing SecretaryDavid

The Management Committee

All Officers' of the Club
Janet Aughey Child Protection Officer
Paul Assheton
David Bunn
Ben Lyons
Paul Millard
Malcolm Roberts

Principal of the LOSSC RYA Recognised Training Centre


The Sailing Committee  2014/2015

Paul Atkinson       Rear Commodore (Sailing)
David Brewster    Honorary Sailing Secretary
Rachel Lundy   Principal, LOSSC RYA  RTC
Nic Allen
Andy Bray
Jonty Challis
Roger Coles
Anne Hall
Heather Reid*
Kelvin Childs
Chris Pallot
Rachel Barringer*
* Co-opted members
For a list of sailing committee responsibilities, please click here - or follow the link in the footer.

The Snooker Chairman:

Steve Parry

The Social Committee


Janet Aughey
Lynne Maxwell
Sarah Duncan Brown


The House Committee


Stephen Duncan Brown
Derrick Harwood
Paul Assheton
Jenny Morris
Graham Pepper
Carl Morris


Please address all correspondence to:

The Club Secretary, via email or via written post. c/o  The Clubhouse.