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Adult Sail Training

Courses for adults

We aim to offer further courses including: RYA Seamanship Skills, RYA Day Sailor Skills, RYA Basic Navigation (theory)

 The RYA adult training pathway is an ideal introduction to the sport. You will learn the fundamental knowledge required to get afloat under supervision. Working your way through all 3 stages will take you from the basic understanding of sailing techniques and some background knowledge to confidently taking a boat afloat and going places.


RYA Level 1

This is great way to get started sailing at Lee or refresh old skills. Run over either a weekend or two weekend dates the course includes:
  • How to sail in all directions
  • Practical skills and  awareness of launching and recovering from Lee
  • Basic seamanship

RYA Level 2

This course takes you to the next stage enabling you to progress quickly from beginner to experts in a controlled, safe and enjoyable environment. Canidaes must have completed level 1. See course dates below. Course includes:
  • Progress and practice your rigging, launching skills from level 1
  • Sailing in all directions
  • Capsize recovery and essential safety knowledge 

RYA Level 3

The final stage in reaching a competent and confident feeling afloat . Coaching of level 1 and 2 skills and taster sessions from the advanced modules. Candiates must have completed level 1 and 2 plus have done 4 months reasonably regular sailing.

Additional courses for adults

We aim to offer further courses including: RYA Seamanship Skills, RYA Day Sailor Skills, RYA Basic Navigation (theory)

The course dates are:

RYA Level 1 Adults


25 - 26 May ( Fully Booked )

11 & 18 August


RYA Level 2 Adults

(Candidates must have completed level 1.)

16 & 23 June ( Fully Booked)

14 & 15 September


RYA Level 3 Adults

(Candidates must have completed level 2 plus 4 months active sailing experience.)

20 & 21 July


RYA Seamanship Skills



Date to be confirmed



RYA Day Sailor Skills



Date to be confirmed


RYA Basic Navigation Theory Course


February or March date to be confirmed


 Cost - each RYA course level costs £50 - all participants must hold a some form club membership - see membership section of the web site

Dinghy Cruises

Once you have developed your sailing skills, you may want to try one of the dinghy cruises. The following are planned for 2013:

  • Wooton Creek - Royal Victoria Yatch Club.                           30th June
  • 3 Forts Challenge (including lunch at The Boathouse pub).   28th July.
To Register for training at LOSSC - Please complete  the training registration form which can be accessed form the side naviagtion.